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Innovest Global Source of Strength

As a company it's critical that Innovest Global Inc maintain a clear vision on how to add value to our shareholders, our companies and the communities we are a part of. This plan is called the ‘Source of Strength Doctrine'. This doctrine is the foundation for Innovest Global’s culture and prosperity both internally as well as externally. The Source of Strength Doctrine comes directly from our belief that our greatest assets are our people. Investing in them is the best decision we can make.

The Source of Strength doctrine, or SOSD, allows for a united commitment to excellence that in turn inspires its companies to perform to their fullest potential. Innovest Global Inc, or IVST, believes that leadership is a critical characteristic for the companies growing success. The better IVST’s people perform, the more likely it is they can help those around them reach their full potential as well. The SOSD Is a detailed process on which our core values can be found; Values that start with family and positive encouragement coupled with a strong belief in faith.

A Source of Strength
for our shareholders.
A Source of Strength
for our team.
Innovest Global's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony October, 2018
A Source of Strength
for our community.
Innovest Global Community

We Value Our: Shareholders

Business owners who want the best practices and liquidity that Innovest offers are perfect candidates for acquisition. We want all business owners that are joining the family to continue running heir companies and to make their dreams a reality; Whether those dreams are taking sales to the next level, or getting top-dollar for a business they’ve put their heart and soul into, we have clear proposals to make those dreams a reality.

We Value Our: Companies

Our family of companies are acquired purposefully to deliver on our mission of strength as a group. Most importantly, Innovest looks to encourage an interconnection of sales and marketing as a strategy that grows revenue for each our companies but for IVST as a whole as well. This means no outsourcing of any kind if we can help it because we know that within our family of companies there are good American people doing good work.

We Value Our: People

At Innovest Global we understand that assets create value and our people are our greatest assets. We have created a culture of putting the highest degree of care into our people when performing acquisitions or hiring for positions within family of companies—From our leadership to the staff that makes up Innovest Global and of course with our shareholders. It's our belief that without our people we cannot achieve success so finding the very best at what they do is our goal.

About Innovest Global, Inc

Innovest Global, Inc. (OTC Markets: IVST) is an Ohio Conglomerate with an acquisition based revenue model. Recent acquisitions include HP Technologies, StemVax Therapeutics, Chagrin Safety Supply, Contact Source Solutions, and Shepherd Energy. Currently trending 5M in Rev for 2018, IVST is truly a diversified holding company with operations in commercial and industrial products, energy solutions, biotechnology, and health services. The primary growth strategy of Innovest is to acquire existing companies in a select few industries, and attract new customers to our family of businesses in cost effective ways. (Innovest owns 20% of StemVax Therapeutics which is the first company in it’s Biotech Division)

Our Business

A publicly traded Ohio Based Holding company, IVST has diversified holdings in Commercial & Industrial, Energy, and Biotechnology & Health Services. IVST relies on a acquisition based model and we search every day for new candidates that can ad value to the company and for our shareholders.


Growth and Value are our primary objectives. Being a Conglomerate gives investors the opportunity to own stock in a company that is diversified. Diversification reduces risk. Reduced risk, in a high growth environment, where profits are reinvested for growth rather than paid out as dividends.


At Innovest Global we are truly a family of companies that all work together to increase revenue and ad value for our shareholders each and every day!

Our Team

Dan Martin

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Martin is an accomplished C-level executive with success driving results across a broad base of middle-market companies. He has earned a reputation for creating business models that are able to efficiently acquire customers while providing significant levels of compensation to independent distributors, for using technology to enhance results, and for efficiently managing efforts to be on time and cost effective. His primary expertise is understanding the needs of growing organizations, evaluating and defining the strategic objectives of a business, and communicating with stakeholders to successfully execute company objectives. Mr. Martin has led the initiative to generate both organic and acquisition based sales in upstart environments on multiple occasions.

Mike Yukich

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Yukich served as Chief Financial Officer and Controller for Eaton’s Truck Component Operations in the 1990’s, which was a $1.5 billion enterprise with 8500 employees in North and South America. Mr. Yukich was responsible for all the financial and information technology functions. He led the due diligence and integration team for the acquisition of a $200 million Brazilian transmission supplier that was totally integrated within one year of acquisition.

After Eaton, Mr. Yukich served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Guide Corporation, a $600 million Tier one automotive supplier for external lighting systems. At Guide, Mr. Yukich was a key management team member, that took a former General Motors division and created a stand- alone company. He oversaw a $20 million investment for IT conversion and improved quality programs. In cooperation with the equity owners, Mr. Yukich secured another $22 million for a new manufacturing facility in Mexico and an engineering and technical center for R & D, as well as ongoing engineering and other corporate functions.

Mr. Yukich holds a BA degree in business administration from the University of Mount Union and an MBA from Central Michigan University. He has been an active member and past officer and director of the Financial Executives Institute for the past twenty-two years. His community involvement includes serving as President of the Beta Iota House Corporation of Sigma Nu National fraternity, an affiliate of the University of Mount Union. Mr. Yukich also served in the United States Navy on two warships (USS Shadwell LSD-15 and USS Inchon LPH-12).

Damon Mintz


Mr. Mintz has an extensive track record of successfully building and growing businesses in multiple industries including Energy, Internet / Software and Health Services. After completing his college studies he started his first business, which acquired approximately 50,000 residential, and small commercial energy customers, and generated over $30 million per year in energy revenues. Since then he has owned and consulted for commercial & industrial companies ranging from midsized, to a multi-billion dollar public company, and most recently founded the single source procurement, management, and energy efficiency company which is now the foundation of the Innovest Energy Group. Mr. Mintz is well known for his ability to develop a vision for the business, execute the right strategy to succeed, and leading the team to operate at their highest level of performance. His functional expertise includes business development, sales, marketing and external business growth initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions. He understands that no matter what industry you are in, people are the greatest asset of the business, and helping them reach their fullest potential is Mr. Mintz’s greatest strength.

Dwain Morris-Irvin, PhD, MPH

President - Biotech & Health Services Division

Dr. Morris-Irvin is an active participant in many Biotechnology and Health Science endeavors, and is an expert including patent generation in such areas as treatments for Parkinson’s, brain cancer, and even cosmetic application of advanced bioscience. He is also an expert in the physical operations of laboratories, and hospitals. He received his PhD from UCLA School of Medicine, and Masters in Public Health from UCLA School of Public Health, and trained at The Wallenberg Neuroscience Center at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. He was also a Professor, Faculty member at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery.

Dr. Morris-Irvin’s PhD is in Pharmacology and Developmental Neuroscience with an emphasis on neural stem cell fate and differentiation. His research focused on neural development and Notch Signaling in mammalian neural stem cells. He also worked as an NIH/NINDS Post-Doctoral Fellow in Dr. Anders Bjorklund laboratory in Lund, Sweden. There, his focus was on research projects that investigated the potential role of cell replacement therapy for patients with Parkinson’s disease. They developed several protocols for the efficient generation of dopaminergic neurons from forebrain and ventral midbrain stem and progenitor cells.

Additionally, Dr. Morris-Irvin led research investigations in the role of adaptive immunity in Parkinson’s disease. He also developed two patents in the area of immunotherapy for brain tumor patients, specifically Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). His research team focused on molecular mechanisms that impart therapeutic resistance in cancer cells, including cancer stem cells. They utilized this data to develop novel immunotherapies for brain tumor patients.

Derek C. McCarthy

VP of Marketing and Communications

Mr McCarthy attained an economics degree from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Derek has 14 years of public relations/Investor relations experience and has worked with over 300 Companies as an outside consultant during that time.

Jason Painley

Independent Member of The Board of Directors

Mr. Painley was an Examiner and Accounting Policy Specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland From 2001 to 2011, with responsibilities at the national Federal Reserve System level. While there, he was charged with monitoring, analyzing, interpreting, and proactively addressing a wide variety of factors related to ensuring that financial institutions were operating in a safe manner, and in compliance with banking laws and regulations. He also led onsite examinations of institutions ranging from small, to over $250 billion assets, and worked constructively with financial institution executives and boards of directors.

Since then, until recently he was Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of Park National Corporation (NYSE: PRK), which has over $7 billion in assets and employs nearly 2,000 associates. His job spanned all functional areas of the bank, and was to constantly evolve a risk- aware culture in order to avoid, proactively minimize, and immediately address all forms of potential and manifested risks, financial and otherwise. Now, he has taken on greater functional responsibility becoming the Chief Financial Officer of Ohio based Mechanics Bank.

John Klopp

Independent Member of The Board of Directors

Mr. Klopp is Chief Executive Officer, of the second-generation firm Klopp Investment Management headquartered in Cleveland, OH. The firm is a large-cap, blue chip platform fund, which is available to Klopp clients and trust accounts directly, and others through their financial advisors and investment platforms. Their balanced blue chip strategy of investing in large companies, has averaged 13.8% growth per year 2009-2017.

He received an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College, then worked in New York City and for many years was responsible for inter Broker-Dealer transactions, then Compliance, Trading, Research, Asset Allocation, and Portfolio Management. He is a member of the Cleveland Society of Security Analysts and is active in the Chartered Financial Analysts program.

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