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In 2016 Innovest Global Inc started with a single idea from an entrepreneur and financial expert by the name of Daniel Martin. Dan believed then as he does now that a holding company could be much more then just an opportunity to buy companies but that he could also build them. Holding companies, or conglomerates,have historically been purchased and then stripped down to increase profits by selling off the parts and making the core entities operate on shoe strings. Dan Martin believes that by making these companies stronger and providing more resources, not less that they could grow and so far he has absolutely 100% correct.

The founder and CEO of this incredible growth company, a true American conglomerate, received the Stock Symbol IVST in early 2017 which was the first step in a long trail of strategic steps in 2018. This man, Daniel Martin, started IVST with a pile of paperwork and set off to explain his carefully thought out model to business owners in the Northeast Ohio area. It wasn't long before Dan got interest and finally closed his first acquisition in late 2017 with the purchase of Chagrin Safety Supply.

Chagrin safety Supply had annual revenue of $500,000 and although this is a mere drop in the bucket of the revenue stream for Innovest today, it was the beginning of a real American success story. (At that time the stock price was around $0.02)

In 2018 Innovest had a mission and that was to add $20,000,000 in revenue from acquisitions and up-list to the OTCQB from the pink sheets. One after the other, business owners met with Dan, who explained that by sharing space, resources such as accounting, money and contacts, that every company under the umbrella would prosper exponentially. Dan explained to these businesses, which were not for sale, that they would continue to be run by the existing owners and more over, that they would get liquid for their sweat and equity while making more money in their salary plus retain managerial controls. Skeptical but excited the next company which was a call center signed up and then another and another and another...

~By September of 2018 Dan had moved 5 companies which he acquired in previous months into a 13,000 square foot office space which would start serving as the new headquarters to the Innovest Global ‘Ohio empire’ . By the end of October, Innovest and Dan Martin had closed a deal with Authority National Supply and effectively added $30 Million in revenue in one shot. Since the goal for 2018 was $20,000,000 in revenue this deal meant that the model was beginning to show its genius and was firmly taking shape. Companies that had been acquired earlier in 2018 were starting to show monumental growth results and in particular Chagrin Safety Supply and the call center. Each one of these companies had acclimated to the Innovest Support philosophy and took off increasing their revenue by 50% since becoming an Innovest company. Chagrin closed it’s first government contract with the US Navy and the call center had launched a new project thusly boosting profits by FIFTY PERCENT in just a matter of months... Other companies from the area but also from around the country started asking; How did Innovest do that? ~ From a pile of paper work to $34.5 Million in less then 12 months … How did Innovest do that? It was Dan Martin’s vision and leadership that brought great people and companies under one roof to succeed together as a team. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Team work makes the dream work", but it’s laughed off as a silly saying unless you ask this team; Without each other these companies would have kept getting what they've always gotten but together they became part of a movement.. a quest for excellence led by Daniel Martin and carried out by the former owners of each subsidiary. “They are stronger and more capable together then they are on their own” Dan said.

With one more acquisition pending for 2018, IVSTs revenue run rate for 2019 will be nearly $50,000,000 on January 1st when completed, and once that’s complete, Innovest will start it’s execution of new goals. Having already smashed the goals for 2018, Dan Martin stated this simple goal set; “ This year we will aim to do $100,000,000 in revenue run rate for 2020 and be one step closer to competing with companies like DanaherIt’s a very simple goal set but simple doesn't always mean easy. This team of executives, led by a true entrepreneur, inDan Martins, have set forth to carryout his mission of finding business owners for quality companies and when you buy companies that aren't for sale it’s much easier said then done.

~ 100M and beyond is a tall order but if you thought that Dan Martin picked just anybody's for his team then you would be mistaken. The best candidates in areas of management, efficiency, communications, marketing and business development were all hand selected by Martin who again was recruiting people that were not on the market. This dream executive team is currently vetting twenty companies ( +/-) for possible acquisitions in 2019 and the VP of Communications, Derek c. McCarthy had this to say; “IVST is the fastest growing public company in Ohio with 7000% revenue increases and 2200% market gains but if you thought that was impressive then talk to me at this same time next year. I think you’ll find that these baseline numbers were just the beginning”. Expectations for this American Conglomerate with a support model are running high but for good reason.

IVST has excelled past 90% of the companies on the Pinks so with the audits done and the OTCQB designation immenent by the end the year they have set their sights on much higher goals, such as competing with companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Danaher.. Their purpose in life is to find excellent companies and buy them for fair prices adding another $50,000,000 in the first two quarters of 2019.

~Will you be Investing in IVST while they plot their course toward the future?

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