Chagrin Safety Supply is an Innovest Global company.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, and protective supplies manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand, organizations are looking for companies that can keep up, and provide the supplies they need. We are 100% committed to doing just that. Chagrin Safety Supply is drawing from our many years of relationship building with some of America’s most trusted companies to help ensure our customers are able to stay safe.

Dear Valued Customers:

Chagrin Safety Supply is and has been your PPE partner in trying times for more than 3 decades. During the anthrax crisis, the United States Postal Service chose Chagrin Safety Supply as the exclusive supplier of protective gloves, which speaks to our expertise and reputation.

For your operational security: We have temporarily removed the online ordering feature from the Chagrin Safety Supply website. We understand how important it is that you have a personal advocate for your supply needs during this challenging time. The online ordering feature will be restored when we know we can rely on it to predictably result in order fulfillment.

Please reach out to us via email concerning your situation and need for supplies.